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A HUGE thank you!


We wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for the gifts, the kind words and the support this year. We hope you all have a wonderful summer break and wish you and your children the best.

I am on holiday but will be posting some of the photos from the last few days in school, later on in the summer break so please do look out for them.

Take care and happy holidays

Love Ms Marsh, Miss Wathall and Mrs Craggs.

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Cleethorpes – in pictures

Didn’t we have a lovely time, the day we went to …… Cleethorpes!

Here are some photos from the day.

We also found time to discuss geography and history!

Your children made all of the adults so proud and we all had a wonderful day as well. Thank you to everyone who came to help.

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Cleethorpes – Questions answered

Hopefully the following will answer the queries regarding the trip to Cleethorpes. Most of the information is in the initial letter but here are the updates and answers to recent questions

Food all children are having a portion of chips and an ice cream – unless you have ordered a school lunch grab bag (Y2 children only) or dietary requirements mean we have asked you to make other arrangements. We appreciate this is not the usual healthy option at lunch but we are experiencing a ‘traditional’ visit to the seaside. We will be taking a selection of fresh fruit for snacks and biscuits so have not suggested sending additional food or lunches for your child. If you do wish to send an additional snack for your child it can not contain or be nut or seed based – peanut butter, hummus etc. We have children with severe contact allergies and manage this in school with the food and snacks provided. This is more of a risk when we are not on the school premises.

Backpacks – if you would prefer your child to carry their water bottle and bucket and spade in a backpack that is your choice. We are not able to take responsibility for any items or carry them for your child and there is no where to leave them or store them except when we are on the beach. It will be advisable to name everything your child brings with them.

Clothing – suitable for the weather/heat and also comfortable shoes for the walking (there’s a fair bit of that) and getting down and up from the beach (stairs). Please no flip flops or croc type shoes. We will be asking the children to keep their shoes on for the time on the beach. They do not need to wear school uniform.

SUNCREAM AND HATS – Children can bring sun cream with them and we ask that it is applied before coming to school. We are not permitted to apply sun cream to your child so they must be able to apply this to themselves if you send it for top ups. Again we can not be responsible for looking after sun cream. It looks like sun all day so please send a hat for additional protection.

For those parents joining us for the day – the coaches will be dropping us at the leisure centre so we will meet you there in the car park. An additional letter will be sent tomorrow for those parents who have let us know are joining us. If you have not yet done so please get in touch through enquiries so we can get this sent to you. If you have been in touch – your help is appreciated and yes please join us!

Timings – children are able to enter school at 8.45am. We will be taking the register immediately when children arrive and expect to be on the coach promptly at 9am to leave. Please call school if you end up running late. We aim to return to school for 4.30pm. We will keep school informed if we are running late.

Children do not require anything for the journey – books, devices, colouring etc – unless this has been agreed by the class teacher. They will talk for the WHOLE journey – trust us.

Travel/Motion sickness – If your child suffers with either of these you must inform the class teacher and ensure any medication is given at the right time to minimise this. Many thanks to those parents who have already done this.

If you are joining us – if you can bring a blanket or extra beach towel so we can make a base on the beach this is greatly appreciated.

We hope this has helped answer questions you have.

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Cleethorpes forecast update

Look at the UV index! Look at the wind gusts! 1 degree lower temperature and sunnier skies.

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Cleethorpes Weather

We have started a weather watch in class to observe any changes in the forecast.

This is what it shows today. Looks good and we will definitely need sun cream and sun hats. On Friday. it had forecast 18 degrees, cloudy and 18 mph winds!

We are going to see if the forecast changes over the next three days before we travel and discuss the difficulties in accurately forecasting the weather.

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The Great Science Share

We have taken part in the Great Science Share this half term already – look below to find out what we did.

First we had to explore and decide what our question would be – we used our previous learning on habitats and the year 3’s work on climate. We explored our school habitat using some question viewfinders and collated them all back in class.

We decided on a question to research which was a very topical ‘What would happen if there were no bees?’ Our research really surprised us as we had to find out exactly what bees did for everyone and everything first. We then realised how crucial they are. We set about making posters and fact sheets ready to share with Year 6.

On Tuesday it was the Great Science Share nationally and we shared our findings about bees to Year 6. They shared their habitats research with us. We also learned about newts and how some creatures are close to becoming extinct – so we need to take action now for the climate and local habitats.

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A very busy day in class! Exploring a range of media to form and sculpt. We studied the work of Barbara Hepworth again and used her sculptures based around the human form as stimulus for our own work. We are very impressed with the results and the skills and techniques the children applied when using the clay. The children experienced using food to form and sculpt as well as using foil to add strength to their art straw shapes. The construction blocks were used very creatively to replicate human forms. The classroom floor was also quite tidy at the end of the day which was a bonus.

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Natural sculpture

We ventured in to the woods a while ago to collect material for our natural sculptures. It was a very good collection of items and amazing group work on the sculptures.

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Sediment jars

The year 3 children have been focusing on rocks and fossils in their science work and really enjoyed making their own sediment jars to observe over time.

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Paper sculpture

The children learned about sculpture and working in 3D and also had an introduction to our featured artist Barbara Hepworth. We practised lots of different techniques in class and then made our own 3D sculptures. Lots of skills practise!

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