This term’s fantastic projects…

Thank you to all the children who have completed their projects this week. Well done for presenting them too! The projects were based on a Mediterranean country and some fantastic research went into them!










































We all really enjoyed our Judo session with Gareth this morning. The children took part in some fantastic Judo moves! Ask your child about it and look out for the flyers.

Raising Money for Good Shepard and CAFOD

A few weeks ago, the children discussed ways in which we could raise money for Good Shepard and CAFOD. They came up with several suggestions and voted for their favourite one.  Their favourite choice was having a movie morning. Therefore, next Wednesday we will be watching a dvd and are asking children for a voluntary contribution for the above charities of £1. Children can also bring in a small snack for themselves.

Homework – 5.4.17

This week’s main homework will be based on topic.  We are asking for a small project based on a country in the Mediterranean. Things you can cover are – What is the capital? Where exactly is the country?  What are the tourist features – e.g. any famous landmarks? Why do people visit?  What is the weather like in the different seasons?  This could even be done as a holiday brochure/leaflet/powerpoint (which can be emailed to us) or just an information sheet.

There will be no spellings given out on Friday.

For Maths, we are just asking for you to go over timetables and the corresponding division facts, e.g. 3 multiplied by 5 is equal to 15, there fore 15 divided by 5 is equal to 3.

Many thanks.

Minibeast Hunt

As part of our new science topic on habitats, we have been exploring the habitats around school. On Monday we went into the woods to look for minibeasts. We were quite surprised by how many we found! What can you spot in our pictures?

Homework 29.03.17

Homework this week is a maths and SPaG mat for the relevant Year groups. As always, spare copies are available from the classroom. Any questions please do ask. Thanks.

Topic – Europe

Today we moved on from identifying the seven continents of the world to focussing on Europe. We worked in different teams to locate some of the countries in Europe. We used atlases really well and the children took part in some really good team work!

image1 (13)