Welcome to Year 2/3

Learning is fun!

Year 3 plants

Year 3 took their learning in science further exploring the parts of a plant and identifying these parts using their knowledge organiser. I was very impressed at how they presented their work.

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Year 2 maths

The year two explored using the cuisenaire rods to represent different models of multiplication and division. Great work!

Apologies in advance for the upside down photos.

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Spelling zappers

Today your child should have brought a spelling zapper and a spelling strategy sheet home. There is a video in the previous zapper post explaining how these are done.

We only zap spellings once a day so any other time needs to be spent using the strategies or using the words in context – saying silly sentences using the words or giving definitions of the words where possible.

We will be zapping everyday in school on the school zapper (same words as the home one) and once all nine words are learned a new sheet of words will be used in school and sent home to practice.

Hopefully this will all make sense and your child will explain how to do them as we have worked on this in class and will do daily.

Many thanks

Ms Marsh

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Zappers – update

The new spelling zappers will be sent home tomorrow. The children will have a session on how to use them and bring home a copy of their words to ZAP with you.

Here is a video showing how we will use them in class and how you can use them at home too.

The children will being home nine words on their grid and when ‘zapped’ in school they will change to the next nine words (some words may be for revision). We will also still send home the year group words as these are for learning specific spelling patterns or rules.

Please look out for the zappers tomorrow in bags

Many thanks

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Homework is posted under the homework tab – see to the right of this post.

Spellings are changing from Monday – please make sure you check back here for guidance how to complete the new spelling zappers.

Many thanks

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Message from Chris Mould

Chris Mould retweeted all of our fabulous work and sent this message back to the class.

Twitter fame again!
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The Iron Man – Writing and Art

Our big write today was a huge success – we have not all finished but the writing has impressed me a lot. We also illustrated the writing this afternoon using a tutorial from the illustrator Chris Mould.

Take a look at these! The adults joined in and we all followed the tutorial – the link is on the google classroom this week if you would like to try yourselves!

This is the original version by Chris Mould.

Here are our attempts – I am so impressed with the effort and focus. The children were also very resilient and kept trying. They were really inspired seeing the artist draw as well as explain the process as he was working.

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We’ve been a little worried about giants coming to visit with the growth of some of our bean stalks this week!

Our science has been learning about the conditions for growth and our beans have shown some mixed results – in that some have not grown at all. We are replanting next week so children who did not bring a bean plant home today will bring it home in the coming weeks.

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Wednesday – own clothes and class reward

Dear Parents,

As you will know tomorrow (Wednesday) is our fundraising effort for the Good Shepherd. Any contribution you are able to give through the link from the office will be greatly appreciated.

The children are allowed to wear their choice of own clothes tomorrow in return for your donation.

We are still collecting for CAFOD and walking for water.

We are celebrating our marble reward tomorrow afternoon with a small treat of a biscuit and a small chocolate bar and juice. The children have also been rewarded with some extra playtime and activities. They have collectively earned 100 marbles for their good behaviour choices.

If you have any objections to the treats in school please let the office know BEFORE lunchtime tomorrow.

Many thanks

Ms Marsh

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Metacognition, resilience and chopsticks!

Yesterday we had a new experience (for some) and we are learning how to use chopsticks. We will be having a few more sessions on practicing with the chopsticks and also thinking about how we learn – whether it is from written instructions, being shown or by someone explaining. The way we look at what we know and consider where we are on our learning journey is at the heart of our thinking

Before we begin our learning we consider how we feel about the new task – whether our maths, reading or a new skill. Even if we don’t know anything yet, we can always find out something more and improve or learn a little.

Yesterday’s lesson was a great way to support resilience. EVERYONE managed to use the chopsticks …….. eventually. Some of us took a little more perseverance but the reward was worth it. Well done everyone.

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