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Dear parents,

Hopefully most of you will have received the spelling homework and the spelling journal yesterday. Your child should have brought home the spellings list if we did not have the journal in school.

Year 3 grammar homework – is to complete page 50 and 51 about contracted words with apostrophes from the CGP workbook. If your child had their grammar work book in school yesterday the page was dated.

Year 2 maths homework is maths with parents and you should have received and email about this already.

Year 3 maths homework is to complete the fact families for multiplication and division up to 5x table – follow this link

Select the mult and divide tab and tables 2x to  5x. The children have to complete the four facts for the numbers given. This will support the work in class about the inverse relationship between multiplication and division.

Homework for both year 2 and year 3 – follow this link

Select the times tables practice and for year 2 we are focusing x2, x5, x10 and for year 3 x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10.


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Reading books

We are looking at changing the reading book system for our class this term and would like to change the book changing day for all children to Monday. This means that your child will need to return their books and diary to school on Monday so we can allocate new books. All children will have their new book tomorrow.

The online reading scheme has been successful and we will be running both real books and the online reading (if we subscribe as a school). We have received feedback that we have taken on board and we have always intended to still send a real reading book home as well as the children reading from the online resources as both have their place. The children also read a real book frequently in Mastery English lessons and it is this text we hear your child read in class.

Many thanks


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Welcome back!

Dear all,

Welcome back and we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break!

We would like to say a HUGE thank you for the generous presents and gifts.

Thank you from the Year 2/3 team

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Advent and Reports

It should be our Advent service tomorrow afternoon at 3pm. As it is our class party we need to cancel this and apologise to any parents who were signed up to attend this.

Regards the termly reports, our class will bring them home on Tuesday after school due to the party.

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Party time – mk 2

I am sure you are all aware that our party arrangements have been changed and we get to have a party as a class tomorrow afternoon which we are all VERY excited about!

So tomorrow, party clothes in a bag please to change in to for the afternoon and party food brought to class (thank you).

It is the dress rehearsal for the KS1 nativity involving the year 2 children also in case any costumes need to be brought in for that.


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Reading books – update

All of the children have a new reading book today, including the Thursday and Friday readers from last week.

We will not be sending home any further physical reading books for the majority of the class until the new term in January. We are starting a new online reading program and details to log in will be sent home with your child before the holidays and they will be allocated books on there.

More information next week.

Many thanks

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Reading books

All reading books for the Monday and Tuesday readers will be changed tomorrow as I have not been in school today.


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The year 2 homework for maths has been posted on Maths with Parents and is multiplication using arrays. The year 2 children could also practice their 2x, 5x and 10x tables using the link below.

For the year 3

Click on the times tables option and choose the times table from the list. Focus on 2, 5 and 10 for revision then click on to 3x and 4x for new learning. It may be useful for your child to write out or have the times tables in front of them to use as a prompt at first. A sheet is attached also with all of the tables for you to print.

times table prompt

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Fossil making

As part of our topic work we have made our own fossils!

We used the recipe found here in case you wanted to try yourselves at home

They have turned out really well with a variety of objects used to make the imprints. They will be available to view when our museum is open on Thursday 14th December. We hope you can join us in the afternoon from 2.30 pm as per the email sent last week.


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Sediment jars

As part of our learning about ‘Rocks’ we made sediment jars to help us understand and see how sediment rocks are formed over time.

After collecting our soils samples from our school environment we part filled the jars and added water. We recorded our observations of the jars before we shook them up and then studied them closely after they had time to settle. We discovered lots of different layers once the contents had time to settle and recorded our observations again.

Ready… steady…… SHAKE!


Looking very closely…

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