Thank You

We would like to say a huge thank you for your kind words and lovely gifts we have received. We were so touched by the amount of thought and effort that had gone into organising our present from the class!

It has been a pleasure teaching everyone and we have really enjoyed our year in 2/3. We hope that you all have a relaxing and enjoyable summer.

Best wishes

Miss Locke and Mrs Dalton

Our Class Party

We are having a little leavers party next Thursday (20th July). Your child has brought home a slip of paper asking to bring in a small amount of food that day. Please can they also bring in a board game.

Many thanks again.

Please can your child bring in two carrier bags into school tomorrow (Friday 14th July).  Many thanks.

Homework 12.07.17

The children have worked incredibly hard this term so there is no homework this week. However, we do recommend timestables practise as knowing their tables quickly will be a big help in years 3 and 4. Also, as always, daily reading is expected.

Many thanks

What an exciting week so far!

It as been a very exciting week and it’s not even over yet!

On Monday, Sheffield Wildlife came in and we did two different workshops. They were both about habitats. First we went into the woods to learn about habitats then we went to the school pond. Can you spot anything we found?

Then On Tuesday we had dance workshops. The theme was dance through history. The Year 2s did a 1930’s dance and the Year 3s did a 1990’s dance. Then at the end of the day we did a performance to parents. We hope that those who managed to make it had a good time.

Today in science we have learnt about pollution then we made our own polluted water and tried to clean it! We found it very hard to clean which made us think carefully about how we treat the environment.

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